Maine Pops Concert Band Fills Eight Positions on its 2022-2023 Board of Directors

The Maine Pops Concert held elections for half of its board of directors during the band’s end-of-season general membership meeting. The elections were conducted in conjunction with the band’s June 8 rehearsal at Scarborough High School.

Band president Bob Swerdlow briefed the band about the process of elections, where half of the band’s board is elected each year. Board members serve for two years and lead a variety of committees that support the band’s administrative, logical, financial, and outreach efforts.

Reelected to board positions were flautist Lily King as secretary and clarinetist Christina McCarthy as venue coordinator. McCarthy has the dual role on the board as the Maine Pops’ past president. Also reelected were saxophonist Danielle Capozza and flautist Nanci Goudey. New to the Maine Pops board are saxophonist Sue Niemoeller, flautist Patty Lawson, euphoiumist Kristin Seavey, and clarinetist Rick Wacksman.

Swerdlow thanked trombonist David Gowen for his two years as a member of the board. Gowen elected not to return to the board but will continue as a member of the band.

The remaining members of the Maine Pops board include Swerdlow as president, oboist Linda Hornig as vice president, and percussionist Laura Merten as treasurer. At-large board members include trumpeter Steve Barrett, percussionist Vicki Swerdlow, and percussionist Leslie Ouellette. Their terms will end on June 30, 2023.

Band conductor David Watts serves as a non-voting member of the Maine Pops Board.